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Refax is a group of Chilean origin, dedicated to import and market auto spare parts in Chile, Peru and Colombia. Being part of the aftermarket industry, we focus our products on the light vehicle market.


The world´s largest auto part manufacturers are among our suppliers. Our commercial relationship covers imports from 20 different origins.


Refax began its business activities back in 1979, strongly penetrating the market with the European lines such as Renault and Citroen: Then, in 1987, we expanded to Brazilian lines such as General Motors and Volkswagen, representing large spare parts manufacturers from the start.

In 1997, we expanded our product lines, incorporating Japan and Korea, with a heavy participation in the Nissan, Daewoo, Hyundai and Kia markets.

In 2002, we expanded again by incorporating China and opening a representation office in Shanghai in order to meet the requirements of Chile, Peru and Colombia as well as the export of raw materials to the rest of South America, mainly OEM manufacturers in Brazil.


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In 2013, the Group went international, beginning with the acquisition of the company Construcciones Peruanas S.A. in Lima Peru, which became Refax Perú S.A. in 2018.

Also in 2018, Refax opens a new company in Bogotá Colombia under the name of Refax Colombia S.A.

In the region, Refax currently has 346 employees, 110 product lines, 37,300 items in stock, 26,500 m2 of warehouse, 2,320 m2 of offices, imports from 17 different origins, sales channels in the field, call centers, B2B e-commerce with the incorporation of intelligent search engines integrated with logistics managed over a leading WMS, which provide service levels to our customers who make Refax a leader in the industry of these
three countries.


Our mission is to provide parts and accessories guaranteed for vehicles,at the best price, with the most technical simple and fast catalog in the market, which together with a reliable logistics delivery system we offer the customer the best service in the industry.


Our service philosophy towards our customers and suppliers is based on the creation of long-term commercial.  Like so we want our customers to have the most complete information in their hands when deciding their purchase, we also want them to have the security that they have a highly efficient and reliable distribution system that guarantees fast and accurate deliveries. For them, there is the transfer of information under platforms based on the latest technology through on-line software plus traditional channels of attention.
These elementary principles are fundamental for us to create the image of a solid and reliable partner in the eyes of our suppliers who cooperate with us. More than that, these principles have also made us what we are today: one of the leaders in the vehicle spare parts market.


The company has been growing very dynamically in recent years, which has led both in Chile and Peru to make changes to administrative offices, distribution centers, ERP upgrade, E-Commerce and human work teams. The opening of Colombia also demands more corporate vision in the processes, both in its approval and in its implementation.
The search for leadership also leads us to increase the number of suppliers and product lines, and by expanding our product offering, which simultaneously results in an increase in sales and new customers, it
shows us constant regional objectives in improving customer satisfaction.

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